update 22. April 2018

dvd 2017
DVDR- Peter Pankas Jane- Old men rock Harder live Hinwil Switzerland 2017   (2017)
feat. Klaus Walz, Bernie Kolbe, Corvin Bahn, Niklas Turmann, Achim Poret   13,- Euro

eternity 2.0
CD Werner Nadolnys Jane- Eternity 2.0 + 2 unreleased Tracks   (2011/2017)   15,- Euro

4CD-Peter Pankas Jane- Forever and one day- 30 Greatest Songs Collection Box  (2017)       24,90 Euro

lady jane live
CD- Lady Jane- Live 1999 feat. Werner Nadolny, Peter Panka, Gaby Neitzel, Petra Rick   (2017)      15,- Euro

pp jane rockpalast dvd cd
DVD + CD Peter Pankas Jane live at Rockpalast 2004  (2017)   20,- Euro

chain 2017
2CDR- The Chain- The Official Bootleg Live- feat. Martin Hesse   (2017)    12,- Euro

geff harrison
Geff Harrison- Brexit- Mind the Gap- 7 Track CD  (2017)   17,- Euro

lady cd
CD- Lady-same (feat. Werner Nadolny)   1976/2017     15,- Euro

complete journey
3CD Werner Nadolnys Jane- The Complete Journey - Journey I,II & III   (2016)    26,- Euro

CD Werner Nadolnys Jane- The Journey III- Arrival   (2016) ohne Werner Nadolny
CD Jewel Case 16,- Euro
CD Ltd. Ed. Digipack only 100 copies  18,- Euro

CD Werner Nadolnys Jane- The Journey 2- Transformation- Ltd. Ed. Digipack only 100 copies (2014)   18,- Euro

CD Werner Nadolnys Jane- Anniversary show  2010    15,- Euro

CD Werner Nadolny- Live at home again (2011)    15,- Euro
live at home again

lady jane back again
CD Lady Jane- Back Again 2000/2016   15,- Euro

wnj beyond
CD +DVDR  Werner Nadolny- Jane and beyond I    (2017)     18,- Euro

DVD- Peter Pankas Jane- Inside the Cave - Concert   (2010)  PAL (not NTSC) Region 0     19,- Euro

Maxi CDR The Chain- Power from Mr. Raw!- 6 Tracks- 23 minutes in Slim Case  feat. Martin Hesse (he sang a song)   (2016)   8,- Euro

CD Geff Harrison Purple Magic- 1 Track Werner Nadolnys Jane feat. Jutta Weinhold Uncried Tears- Digipack 2014   22,- Euro

black/rosie cd 2015
CD Black/Rosie- Playin' AC/DC  feat. Gaby Neitzel    (2015)   16,- Euro

horrorscope 2015
CDR The Chain- Horrorscope The Best of The Chain + 1 new unreleased Track   (2015)     12,- Euro

CD Detlev Schmidtchen & Manfred Wieczorke (Choco)- Bubbles in your brain? + 2 Bonus Tracks  (2014)   18,- Euro

gitze 2
CD Gitze- Schwabenrock Die Zweite - von und mit Paul Vincent  (Wolle Kriwanek) (2014)    12,- Euro

chain bluray
BluRay-R The Chain- Live im Frosch Hannover 2014
Ltd. Ed. only 100 numbered copies feat Martin Hesse   108 minutes  (2014)   12,- Euro

Eloy- Reincarnation on Stage- 2CD Digi Pack  signed by Frank Bornemann     25,- Euro
Eloy- DVD- Live Impressions  Limited Edition  90 minutes Mainz 2012/ Loreley 2011 signed by Frank Bornemann   35,- Euro

Electronisches Feuerzeug- Electronic Lighter Jane Cool & Easy   3,- Euro

loerrach 2012
DVD Peter Pankas Jane- Lörracher Rocknacht 2012- Fan Edition   (2013)
w/ Auroville & Age of Madness     12,- Euro

wn jane stopover
CD Werner Nadolnys Jane- Stopover (8 Tracks--30 min)   2013
Standard Jewel Case Edition  10,- Euro
Ltd. Ed. Digipack (only 100 copies-numbered)   12,- Euro

Maxi CD- 4 Tracks- Roses on the floor (Radio edit & live) / Borrowed time/ Back Again  (Version 2013)   10,- Euro

tshirt 2013
Werner Nadolnys Jane- T-Shirt 2013 The Journey continues...  L, XL     15,- Euro

Peter Pankas Jane- T-Shirt Balver Höhle 2012  L, XL   15,- Euro

Peter Pankas Jane- Baseball Cap   Traces 2009/2010    25,- Euro

Peter Pankas Jane- T-Shirt Here we are  2009/2010 scharz  XL   20,- Euro

Nektar DVD
DVD- Nektar, Brainticket, Huw Lloyd-Langton USA 2012 Music + Interviews Hollywood Key Club 2011 Region 0    22,- Euro

up close
CD + DVD Roye Albrighton (Nektar)- Up Close    (2016)    36,- Euro

chain chain chain chain
CDR The Chain- Rock' n Roll Church feat. Martin Hesse (2012)  signed by Martin Hesse & Gisella Cafiero   10,- Euro
CDR The Chain-Live at Basement feat. Martin Hesse  signed by whole Band    2011     12,- Euro
CDR The Chain- Pandemonium - feat. Martin Hesse-  signed by Martin Hesse + Gisella Cafiero    13,- Euro
CD Dark Machine for Christmas- Various Artists feat. 1 Track The Chain-Downslide to hell-
and- Any Second, evo-lution, Novasheere, Elegant Form, Synthony, Aestetic Idiosyncrasy, Archemis, District 13, Brian John,
Paintbox Project,  HQ 13, P.K.C. , AvatariA    (2012)   12,- Euro
CDR The Chain- Spooky Doll (live 2014) feat. Martin Hesse  (2014) 78 minutes     12,- Euro

kraut  live poster
CD Live Kraut- Various Artists live- Grobschnitt, Nine Days Wonder, Jane- Out in the rain, Karthago, Embryo, Anyone's Daughter,
Mythos, Gila, Virus, Eulenspygel, Out of Focus, Guru Guru   (Sireena 2013) Digipack   
Fan Collector Package CD + Postcard + Poster (once bended)   15.- Euro

DVD + Soundtrack CD- Gangster, Geld & Rock 'n' Roll- Movie feat. Guano Apes, Fury & the Slaughterhouse,
Jutta Weinhold, Dete Klamann, Rolf Vatteroth, Jay Lansford...... (was available only in cinema) 2012    30,- Euro

mj 12
2CD Mother Jane (Klaus Hess, Jane) Turn the page / The Lost Tracks (2012)    15,00 Euro
Turn the page with great Coverversion of Bob Segers Turn the Page.
Bonus CD The Lost Tracks- recorded at Original Jane Studio ~1982
feat. Peter Panka, Martin Hesse, Manfred Wieczorke (Eloy,Jane), Jürgen Rosenthal (Eloy,Scorpions) , Pedja, Marc Paganini.

wn 2012
CD + Booklet (Heft) Werner Nadolny- Die Jane Story - Audio Book- No Music- Booklet signed by Werner Nadolny (2012)   16,- Euro

Lady Jane- Back again CDR- 2000 feat. Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Gaby Neitzel, Petra Rick    20,00 Euro

  Mother Jane In Dreams
CD Klaus Hess' Mother Jane- In Dreams - (2009)   15,00 Euro  

Merrell Fankhauser
CD Merrell Fankhauser- The Whole Day Ahead Of Us- New Studio Album 2008
feat. Ed Cassidy (RIP) (Spirit) on one Track          9,99 Euro   signed by Merrell Fankhauser    19,99 Euro

CD Rizzo- Public Animal ( Ltd. Ed. only 300 copies) + 3 unreleased Bonus Tracks  (2007)
( feat. Martin Hesse, Klaus Zaake, Gottfried Janko (ex Jane, ex Dull Knife, ex Harlis, ex Lady)      15,- Euro
signed by Martin Hesse   18,- Euro

  CD Harrison Panka & Nadolny- Skin Deep ( Ltd. Ed. only 1000 copies)   (2006)    
feat. Geff Harrison (Kin Ping Meh), Peter Panka (Jane), Werner Nadolny ( Jane)
 with great Coverversions Deep Purple Child in time/ Barry McGuire Eve of Destruction/ John Lennon Imagine      15,- Euro

Fankhauser Cassidy Band
CD Fankhauser Cassidy Band- Stolen Guitar Blues ( feat. unreleased Tracks & Interview)  
feat. Merrell Fankhauser (Mu, Impacts) & Ed Cassidy (Spirit)- & Randy California Interview
Dedicated to Randy California & Larry Willey     9,99 Euro   signed by Merrell Fankhauser   19,99  Euro

epitaphkarthagosperrmulllutz rahn
CD Epitaph Danger Man   Digipack feat. Bernd Kolbe Klaus Walz- 2 Bonus Tracks (1982/2012)  10,- Euro

CD Karthago Love is a cake (2012)  10,- Euro
CD Sperrmüll- same  Digipack   (1973/2010)   10,- Euro
CD Lutz Rahn- Solo Trip (ex Novalis)   (1979/2012)   10,- Euro

CD The Ordeal- Descent from Hell- feat Kai Reuter (ex Jane) (2012)   10,- Euro

CD- A Tribut to se Abstürzende Brieftauben
Various Artists- feat. Werner Nadolny's Jane -Morg'n, Kürsche, Simpletones, .....      (2011)     17,- Euro

pp jane
CD Peter Panka's Jane- Kuxan Suum (2011)     12,- Euro     signed by whole band   25,- Euro

CD Peter Panka's Jane- Traces   Nice Digipack 2009     12,- Euro   signed by whole Band   25,- Euro
(feat. Klaus Walz, Charly Maucher, Fritz Randow, Wolfgang Krantz, Arndt Schulz)

Original T-Shirts (neu unbenutzt verknittert/ new never used bended)
4. Immeldorfer Open Air 1999- Jane Alex Oriental Experience Freygang... black or blue   20,- Euro

Mother Jane (Klaus Hess,Kai Schiering) Hungry 4Live Tour 2010     the last one in blue     20,- Euro

The Chain (Martin Hesse)- T-Shirt ca. 1998  XL   15,- Euro

Werner Nadolnys Rock Circus feat. Geff Harrison & Werner Nadolny  T-Shirt ca. 2007    10,- Euro

DVD- Werner Nadolnys Jane- live in Concert 2010 + TV Special 2010- 40th Anniversary Show    20,- Euro

Blu Ray- Scorpions- Get your Sting & Backout- Live in 3D-   2011      8,- Euro

jutta weinhold
CD Jutta Weinhold- Read between the Lines    (2010)   signed by Jutta Weinhold on frontcover   15,- Euro

Efendi's Garden
CD- Efendi's Garden- Same w/ Bonus Tracks (w/ Unreleased Album from 1989)   15,--Euro

(feat. Wolfgang Krantz, Klaus Hess)  signed by Wolfgang Krantz inside the Booklet   19,- Euro

Harlis CD 2009
CD !!! Harlis- Same   nice Digipack with 2 Live Bonustracks    (2009)     13,- Euro
(feat. Charly Maucher, Arndt Schulz, Wolfgang Krantz, Werner Löhr- ex Jane/ ex Scorpions)

Harlis 2
CD !!! Harlis- Night meets the day - nice Digipack   (2009)     13,- Euro
(feat. Charly Maucher, Arndt Schulz, Wolfgang Krantz, Werner Löhr- ex Jane/ ex Scorpions)

CD Merrell Fankhauser and Friends- feat. John Cipollina & Nicky Hopkins     12,- Euro

Merrell Fankhauser- Rockin and surfin  Japan CD w/Obi  CTCD-489   19,99 Euro
Merrell Fankhauser- Return to Mu  Japan CD w/Obi  CTCD-237  19,99 Euro
Merrell Fankhauser- Goin Back to the delta Japan CD w/Obi   CTCD-224   19,99 Euro

Alan Kirk CD 2009
CD Alan Kirk- Some Songs (Canada 2009) feat. Charly Maucher on bass     signed by Alan Kirk     15,- Euro

CD Manfred Wieczorke- Transfer ( ex Eloy, Jane, Firehorse, Trick, Animator, Piefke & Pafke, Mafie Maroc ) Signiert / signed   15,- Euro

Mafie Maroc
CD Mafie Maroc- Guideless (Manfred Wieczorke)  signed by Manfred Wieczorke    15,- Euro

CD Jane- Beautiful Lady   Sky Records      15,- Euro
(feat. Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Kai Reuter, Klaus Henatsch)

wn jane
CD Werner Nadolnys Jane- Proceed with Memories
w/ Live Medley- We will rock you-Queen/ Waiting for the Wind-Spooky Tooth
( feat. Jutta Weinhold & Geff Harrison)  2009   20,- Euro  
signed by Nadolny, Weinhold, Harrison slightly used Cover/ Cover mit Gebrauchsspuren   34,- Euro

CD Jane III- Japan Papersleeve Mini LP CD UICY-9564    27,- Euro
(feat. Klaus Hess, Charly Maucher, Peter Panka, Wolfgang Krantz)

CD Jane- Lady- Japan Papersleeve Mini LP CD UICY-9565    27,- Euro
(feat. Klaus Hess, Peter Panka, Gottfried Janko, Martin Hesse)

Voices Jane First Edition
CD Jane- Voices (First Edition- One different track)  Jewel Case    2006    17,- Euro

Jane Voices (Second Edition)
CD Jane- Voices (Second Edition- Nice Digipack 2007)     15,- Euro

CD + DVD Werner Nadolnys Jane- Eternity    Ltd. Ed. only 500 copies     30,- Euro

DVD Tribute to Peter Panka Concert Jane
2 DVD- Jane- Tribute to Peter Panka ( Live 2007 Hannover Capitol)
feat. Jane, Harlis (Original Line up), Martin Hesse, Jon Symon's Warlock,
Klaus Henatsch, Peter Pichl, Jutta Weinhold, Bernd Noske (Birth Control),
Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions).    17,- Euro

2CD- Grobschnitt- The International Story- Japan w/Obi  MAR 061156-7    37,99 Euro
Grobschnitt Ballermann- Japan CD w/Obi MAR 081467  29,99 Euro
Grobschnitt- Symphony/ Beyond  live 2012- 2 Track Maxi CD  Digipack   7,- Euro

CD Epitaph- Epitaph- Japan Digipack w/Obi MAR 071268   29,- Euro
(feat. Klaus Walz, Bernd Kolbe (Epitaph, Jane, Domain).....)

Kin Ping Meh Japan CD
CD Kin Ping Meh- Kin Ping Meh- Japan Digipack w/Obi MAR 071291   29,- Euro

7" Vinyl Single (no CD)- Mother Jane (Klaus Hess' Jane)- Together we stand / Take it (Studio Versions) 1998
Ltd. Ed. only 500 copies- not on any CD  20,-Euro

7" Vinyl Single (no CD)- Rizzo- Rock 'n' Roll Barbarians (4 Tracks) feat. Martin Hesse ( ex Jane, ex Dull Knife)     10,-  Euro

CD Bullfrog- High in Spirits- Sireena-  15,00 Euro

Other Jane or Jane Related items:

Badge/Button/PIN- Peter Panka's Jane live  ca. 1997        10,-  Euro

Poster- Different Poster  (ask for details)
Autographs  (ask for details)

DVD- Meta- die Erinnerung lebt mit Jane, Bernd Noske, Otto, King Size Taylor, Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions),…  25,- Euro
DVD- Saufziege & Fürst B.- Trümmerfrauen der Musikindustrie
(feat. Guests: Werner Nadolny, Jutta Weinhold, Christoph of Fury in the Slaughterhouse...)   15,- Euro

CDR- Fritz Randow- The Concert Part 1      signed by  Fritz Randow ( Jane, Saxon, Victory, Eloy,Sinner)   25,- Euro

togetheriiiladyfire water
CD Jane- Together    10,- Euro
CD Jane- Fire Water Earth & Air    10,- Euro
CD Jane III  Digipack    10,- Euro
CD Jane- Lady  Digipack     10,- Euro
CD Jane Age of madness    17,- Euro
CD Jane Sign No 9    17,- Euro
CD jane Jane (Maske)    17,- Euro
CD Jane- live at home- signed by Martin Hesse & Manfred Wieczorke   25,- Euro

CD Sampler Berenstark V.A. 1 Track Werner Nadolnys Jane- Windows 2010     signed by Werner Nadolny   10,- Euro
CD Sampler Berenstarke Weihnachten 2010- VA. 1 Track Werner Nadolnys Jane- Roses on the floor- Edit (2010)   
signed by Werner Nadolny   10,- Euro

CD Pedja D Boy- Jugoslovenka General (Pedja) 2008   17,- Euro
DVD Krautrock Meeting- Jane, Epitaph, Birth Control, Amon Düül II, Guru Guru....   20- Euro
CD Gigantor- Atomic (feat. Arndt Schulz)   16,- Euro
CD Gigantor- Magic Bozo Spin  (feat. Arndt Schulz)   16,- Euro
CD Nektar- Book of Days (feat. Klaus Henatsch)  signiert von Roye Albrighton    25,- Euro
2CD- Nektar- Forty Fied (feat. Klaus Henatsch) signiert von Roye Albrighton    30,- Euro
CD 5 Track Maxi CD- Welcome to the world ( Peter Panka, Wolfgang Krantz, Gottfried Janko, Klaus Henatsch, Arndt Schulz...)   25,- Euro
Book- Buch- Dete Kuhlmann- Der Mucker  (seine musikalischen Erlebnisse auch mit Jane- schöne Fotos   15,- Euro
4 CDR- Dete Kuhlmann- liest der Mucker (Hörbuch)   30,- Euro
CD Rotkäppchen und der Wolf- Rockmusical (Kai Reuter,Klaus Henatsch,Nelson Arriagada)   20,- Euro 
CD Nimm 3 (Arndt Schulz ex Harlis,Werner Löhr ex Harlis ex Scorpions,Uwe Pölitz ex Eloy)  16,- Euro
CD Nimm 3 - Hobos & Heroes- (Arndt Schulz, Werner Löhr, Uwe Pölitz)   16,- Euro
CD Freeway Band (Arndt Schulz ex Harlis Jane)  16,- Euro
CD Hungry hearts-Hungry hearts (Arndt Schulz ex Harlis,W. Löhr ex Harlis ex Scorpions) 16,- Euro
CD Power man's grave - 6 Track CD  (Arndt Schulz ex Harlis, Uwe Pölitz ex Eloy)  16,- Euro
CD Power man's grave- Tracks & Signs ( Arndt Schulz, Uwe Pölitz )- 2002      16,- Euro
CD Power Man's Grave- 25 Years (Arndt Schulz, Uwe Pölitz)  16,- Euro
CD Rollinger-Easy Money Blues (Hanno Großmann-ex Lady,U. Heicher-ex Bronx, ex Klaus Hess) 18,- Euro
CD Red Baron- Resurrection  (Christian Reinhardt ex Lady, incl. 4 Coverversions von Lady)  18,- Euro
CD Helmut Teubner- Heavens light  (Kai Reuter)   18,- Euro
CD Helmut Teubner- Music for Aerobic-Special Sport Sounds   20,- Euro
CD Helmut Teubner- Body 2000- Special Sounds for Aerobic      20,- Euro
CD Helmut Teubner- Music for Phone- Connect      20,- Euro
DOCD Jon Symon- Tarot         30,- Euro
CD Kasch- Easy to say  ( Marc Giebeler )    15,- Euro
CD Big Mama & the golden six- A holy dream  (Klaus Henatsch, Kai Reuter)  18,- Euro
 CDR Fox gone funky- 6 Track Demo CDR (Martina Maschke)   8,- Euro

its meits meits meits meits me
CD It's me- Absolutely Live (2003) Martina Maschke Ecki Hüdepohl   13,- Euro
CD It's me- right between the devil and the deep blue sea (1999) Martina Maschke, Ecki Hüdepohl, Ossy Pfeiffer    13,- Euro
CD It's me- Songs in blue flat minor (2007) Martina Maschke, Ecki Hüdepohl, Klaus Peter Doc Reinicke    13,- Euro
CD It's me- Under a voodoo moon   (2001) Martina Maschke Ecki Hüdepohl    13,- Euro
CD It's me- Parisian Waltz (2004) Martina Maschke, Ecki Hüdepohl    13,- Euro

It's me play own songs and great cover songs from Kinks, Beatles, Deep Purple, David Coverdale, Fats Domino......

CDR Shimmer- No Budget- 4 Track  ( Kai Schiering  & Terry Hoax)  12,- Euro
CDR Shimmer- Chordchange- 4 Track  ( Kai Schiering & Terry Hoax)  12,- Euro
CD Dr. Glue- Too hot for the mouse  ( Charly Maucher )   30,- Euro
CD Cholane- Black Box   (Angelika Schneider- Pano, Black Rosie)   16,- Euro
CD Jill Walker (2001)  ( Klaus Henatsch, Arndt Schulz )  18,- Euro
CD Duesenberg- Morrison & More  (2001)   ( Arndt Schulz, Erwin Kania )   18,- Euro
CD Moon’ Doc- Realm of Legends ( Fritz Randow, Hermann Frank, Ossy Pfeiffer)    15,- Euro
Magazin Ox + CD 2009- feat. 1 Track Simpletones Ad feat. Kai Schiering (Mother Jane, Shimmer, Terry Hoax)   15,- Euro

2CD Various Artists- The Spirit of Sireena Vol. 4 ( Harlis, Grobschnitt, Nektar, Snowball, Octopus, Shaa Khan, Bullfrog, Uli Trepte,
Ax Genrich & RIF, Dissidenten, Islo Mob, Taras Bulba, Arik & Timna Brauer, Cochise, Sexy Boys, Es, Minne Graw, Kaltwetterfront,
Suzanne Doucet, Zoff, Raymen   8,99 Euro

LP  Bronx- Touch of Kitch  Special pressing  1979 (Uli Böttcher-ex Charly Maucher, ex Jon Symon, Ulli Heicher- ex Klaus Hess)   20- Euro

7"  4 Track EP- Rizzo (Martin Hesse) Still Strong + 3  10,- Euro,     signiert   15,- Euro
7"  Promo-Single Klaus Hess- Lamentha + 1  weißes Neutral Cover    signiert    25,- Euro
7"  Attacke (Werner Nadolny/Jon Symon) Kombi Zombie + 1     40,- Euro
7"  Jon Symon (feat. Werner Nadolny) Lady Macbeth + 1      40,- Euro
7"  Head over heels- Coming home + 1 (Uwe Pölitz ex Eloy)     10,- Euro

nur solange Vorat reicht !!!!

omega magazine dvd
Omega- Special Rock Inform Magazine with exclusive Omega DVD 2004 Hungary 2009   20,- Euro

embryoamongurugilakarl bartosroedeliusdingerschnitzler

New Electronica Krautrock Vinyl LP's  each 20,- Euro

LP + CD Amon Guru- Space Explosion    25,- Euro

LP Embryo - Opal    

LP Conrad Schnitzler- Contempora   

LP Conrad Schnitzler- CON3   

LP Conrad Schnitzler- Consequenz    

LP Gila- Live in Köln 1972    

LP + CD Karl Bartos- Off the Record    45,- Euro

LP Qluster- Rufen   

LP Roedelius- The Diary of the unforgotten Selbstportrait VI     

LP Hans Joachim Roedelius- Geschenk des Augenblicks/ Gift of the moment    

LP Roedelius- Offene Türen   

LP Roedelius plays Piano- London 1985   

LP Roedelius- Wasser im Wind   

LP Thomas Dinger- Für mich   

2LP Grobschnitt Live 2008 Coloured Vinyl   25,- Euro

More NEW very nice original CD's from Japan w/Obi available:
Krautrock Japan CD's

La Düsseldorf- Individuellos Japan w/Obi Papersleeve Mini LP CD ARC-7114    27,- Euro

Cluster Japan CDs w/Obi
Joachim Roedelius- Selfportrait VII  Japan w/Obi Jewel Case CTCD-193   23,99 Euro
Moebius Plank- En Route Japan w/Obi Papersleeve Mini LP CD  CTCD-607  24,99 Euro
Moebius + Roedelius- Apropos Cluster  Japan w/Obi Papersleeve Mini LP CD   CTCD-605  24,99 Euro
Moebius- Tonspuren Japan CD w/Obi   Papersleeve Mini LP CD   CTCD-578  24,99 Euro
Moebius Neumeier & Engler- Other Places Japan CD Jewel Case w/Obi   CTCD-044   24,99 Euro

Japan CDs 2007
 Klaus Schulze- Ballett 4 Japan w/Obi Digipack MAR-071349  29,- Euro  
Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard- Farscape  2CD Japan w/Obi Digipack MAR 081410-11   38,- Euro

Roy Harper- From Occident to Orient- Japan CD 2007 w/Obi JASKCD 186   27,99 Euro

Scorpions- Unbreakable Jewel case Japan w/Obi  BVCM-35346   24,99 Euro
Scorpions- Virgin Killer  Jewel case Japan w/Obi  BVCM-35345    24,99 Euro

Sex Pistols- The Best of Best 2008- Kiss this - Japan w/Obi  TOCP-54026   19,- Euro

TRIUMVIRAT    MEDITERRANEAN TALES +4  (paper-sleeve) Mini LP CD Japan w/Obi  TOCP-70353     29,99 Euro

John Cale/ Lou Reed- Songs for Drella Japan CD Jewel Case   WPCR-75159    21,99 Euro

Kraftwerk- Man Machine Japan w/Obi  TOCP-53512  24,99 Euro
Kraftwerk- Radioactivity Japan w/Obi  TOCP-53530  24,99 Euro

5 CD BOX V.A. Ohr Digital Remasters & Papersleeves (Guru Guru, Mythos, Annexus Quam) Ltd. Ed Japan w/Obi   139,99 Euro

Tangerine Dream Japan CDs Papersleeve (Mini LP CD) Digital remastered w/Obi
Rubycon  VJCP-68668   Japan CD   25,99 Euro

Synergy (Larry Fast) 3 CDs from Japan in Ltd. Papersleeve in rare Promo Box  Cords
Electric Realizations for Rock Orchestra, Sequencer, Cords     99,- Euro
Synergy 3 CD Box JapanSynergySynergySynergy

DVD & Blu-Ray  from Japan w/Obi
Rolling Stones Rolling Stones Rolling Stones Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones Blu-ray Shine a light Collectors Box 2BLuRay Japan  129,99,- Euro
Rolling Stones Blu-ray Shine a light Deluxe Edition BLURAY Japan   79,- Euro
Rolling Stones DVD Shine a light Collectors Box 2DVD Japan  99,99,- Euro
Rolling Stones DVD Shine a light Deluxe Edition Japan  69,- Euro

John Lennon Quadrophenia The Who Rocky Horror Picture Show Jimi Hendrix Japan DVD
John Lennon- Imagine DVD Japan   19,99 Euro
Quadrophenia (The Who, Sting, Toyah Wilcox) DVD Japan   19,99 Euro
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Tim Curry, Meat Loaf, Richard O'Brian) DVD Japan   19,99 Euro
Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix  DVD Japan   19,99 Euro

Woodstock 40 Anniversary Edition - Blu- Ray Box Japan  WBA-Y25764   59,- Euro

DVD Led Zeppelin- The Song remains the same Japan DVD (NTSC)   19,99 Euro

DVD- Easy Rider Collector's Edition DVD Japan    21,99 Euro
Easy Rider


Peter Gabriel
Ian McLagan & the Bump Band- Extra Live-  CD Japan w/Obi MSIL-068   22,99 Euro
Enya- Best- Special Edition Ltd. Ed. CD & DVD Japan w/Obi  WPZR-30357    49,99 Euro
Velvet Underground- Velvet Underground & Nico Japan CD w/Obi SHMCD UICY-91419   22,99 Euro
Peter Gabriel- Scratch my back Japan CD TOCP-66925  34,99 Euro

Nektar Japan CD's

NEKTAR JAPAN CDs w/Obi in Papersleeve Mini LP CD !!!
Nektar- Magic is a child IECP-10058  30,- Euro
Nektar- Sunday night at the London Roundhouse 2CD  IECP-20011/12   40,- Euro
Nektar- Recycled  IECP-10057   30,- Euro

More NEW Japan CD Singles w/Obi available:
Japan CD Singles

New Sealed CD Singles w/Obi from Japan

Aerosmith- Jaded Japan CD w/Obi  5 Tracks  SRCS-2439    16,00 Euro
Aerosmith- I don't want to miss a thing   Japan CD w/Obi  4 Tracks   SRCS-8630     15,99 Euro
Elvis Presley- Rubberneckin' Paul Oakenfold Remix Japan CD w/Obi 3 Tracks  BVCM-39601   10,99 Euro
Celine Dion- My heart will go on- Titanic 3" inch CD Japan CD 2 Tracks   ESDA-7177    11,99 Euro
Greedy Green- Circus Japan CD w/Obi  3 Tracks   CTCR-14053    11,99 Euro
Eric Clapton- I get lost Japan CD W/Obi   8 Tracks   WPCR- 10671    16,- Euro
Eric Clapton- Believe in Life  Japan CD w/Obi   4 Tracks   WPCR-11105    12,99 Euro
Eric Clapton- Blue Eyes Blue   Japan CD w/Obi   3 Tracks  WPCR-10555    12,99 Euro
Eric Clapton- Blue eyes blue   Japan CD w/Obi  3 Tracks   WPCR-10602   12,99 Euro
Eric Clapton- I get lost  Japan CD w/Obi  3 Tracks WPCR-10629    12,99 Euro
Eric Clapton- I ain't gonna stand for it  Japan CD w/Obi  WPCR-11101  3 Tracks    12,99 Euro
Eric Clapton- My Father's Eyes  Japan CD w/Obi  WPCR-1415   3 Tracks      12,99 Euro
Eric Clapton- Tears in Heaven   Japan CD w/Obi  4 Tracks   WPCR-1734   12,99  Euro
Bangles- Tear off your own head (it's a doll revolution)  Japan CD w/Obi  4 Tracks  Japan CD w/Obi  VICP-62316   16,- Euro
Marilyn Manson- Disposable Teens  Japan CD w/Obi  3 Tracks   UICS-5001  12,99 Euro
U2- Vertigo  Japan CD w/Obi  5 Tracks  UICI-5017     12,99 Euro
Rolling Stones- Rain Fall Down Japan CD w/Obi 3 Tracks   TOCP-40186   10,99 Euro
Beatles- Free as a bird  Japan CD w/Obi  4 Tracks  TOCP-8715  15,99 Euro
Beatles- Real Love Japan CD w/Obi 4 Tracks  TOCP-8716   14,99 Euro
Pearl Jam- Nothing as it seems Japan CD w/Obi Digipack 2 Tracks   SRCS-2243    12,99 Euro
Enya- Amarantine  3 Tracks Japan CD w/Obi  WPCR- 12186 Digipack    10,99 Euro
REM-R.E.M.- Imitation of life  Japan CD w/Obi  4 Tracks  WPCR-11011    12,99 Euro
Bon Jovi- Bounce 4 Tracks Japan CD w/Obi  UICL-5011    12,99 Euro
Bon Jovi- Have a nice day  5 Tracks Japan CD w/Obi  UICL-5021    12,99 Euro
Bon Jovi- You want to make a memory  Japan CD w/Obi  4 Tracks  UICL-5022  .. 11,99 Euro
Bon Jovi- We Weren't born to follow Japan CD w/Obi  2 Tracks  UICL-5026    9,99 Euro

Fair Warning- Don't keep me waiting   MICP-40005    10,99 Euro
Fair Warning- Heart on the run MICP-40001   10,99  Euro
Helloween- Mrs. God  VICP-63061  10,99 Euro
Blind Guardian- Fly
VICP-63370  10,99 Euro

3" ( 3 inch ) CD's- Pock it CD's from Germany / EU-   each  15,- Euro

Christina Aguilera- The voice within / I'm ok
Apocalyptica feat. Nina Hagen- Seemann / Heat

Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo and Lauri Ylönen- Bittersweet / Misconstruction
Apocalyptica feat Marta Jandova- Wie Weit / How far
Blink 182- Feeling this / Violence
Blink 182- I miss you /Not now
Blondie- Good Boys (Album Version +ScissorSisters' Gyad Byas Myas Ya Mix ext.)
Come back united- Survivor ( Radio Version + Karaoke Version )
Sheryl Crow- It's so easy feat. Wolfgang Niedecken / My favorite mistake ( Live at Central Park )
The Cure- The end of the world / This morning
The Cure- Taking off / Why can't I be me
Joachim Deutschland- Oase (Radio Version + Live Version )
Celine Dion- Tout L'or des hommes / Garou- Sous le vent (Duo avec Celine Dion)
Eminem- Like Toy Soldiers / Just lose it (DJ Green Lantern Remix)
Erasure- Oh L'Amour (August Mix + LMC Extended Mix)
Evanescence- Bring me to life ( Album Version + Bliss Mix)
Evanescence- Going under / Heart shaped Box ( Live acoustic )
Evanescence- My Immortal (Band Version + Live acoustic )
Dave Gahan- Bottle Living / Hold on (Radio Mix)
H-Blockx- Celebrate Youth / Push me
In Extremo- Küss mich (Radio Edit + Clawfinger Remix)
In Extremo- Nur Ihr Allein / Captus Est
Iron Maiden- Rainmaker / Dance of death ( Orchestral Version)
J-Five feat. Charlie Chaplin- Modern Times / Flags
Elton John- Are you ready for love ('79radio edit + '79 version)
Martin Kesici with Tarja Turunen- Leaving you for me /What if (Live at WDR Rockpalast Bootleg)
Korn- Did my time / One ( Live from MTV ICON: Metallica)
Kylie- Slow / Soul on fire
Avril Lavigne- Don't tell me / Don't tell me ( Live acoustic )
Limpbizkit- Behind blue eyes / Just drop dead (non LP Version )
Limpbizkit- Eat you alive / Shot
Marilyn Manson- This is the new *hit /mobscene
Marilyn Manson- Personal Jesus / This is the new shit - Remix by Sergio Golayan
Marilyn Manson- The Nobodies ( 2005 Against all Gods Mix / Burn 36 Mix)
Metallica- St. Anger / We're a happy family
Metallica- Frantic / No Remorse (live from Download Festival UK 2003)
Metallica- The unnamed feeling / UNKLE Reconstruction- Artificial Confidence
No Angels- Someday (Radio Edit + Karaoke Instrumental)
Chris Norman- Amazing ( Radio Version + Instrumental Version )
Heather Nova- River of Life / One day in June ( Home demo)
Novaspace- Beds are burning / Taste my love
Novaspace- Run to you (Radio Edit + Burn out mix )
The Offspring- Hit that / Hit that ( USC Marching Band)
Pink- Feel good time ( Single Version + D-Bop's full throttle Mix )
Pur- Was ist passiert ? / Mehr als dein Verstand (Live)
Queens of the Stone Age- Little Sister / The blood is love ( Contradictator Remix)
Rammstein- Mein Teil / Mein Teil ( Remix by Pet Shop Boys )
Rammstein- Amerika / Amerika ( Digital Hardcore Mix by Alec Empire)
Rammstein- Keine Lust / Keine Lust ( Remix Nr. 1  by Clawfinger)
The Rasmus- In the shadows / First day of my life ( Acoustic demo)
The Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the devil Remix (Netunes Radio Mix + Fatboy Slim Radio Mix )
Schiller mit Heppner- Leben... I feel you (Fernsehfassung + Vielklang- Bonustrack)
Schiller mit Mila Mar- Liebe ( Fernsehfassung + ATB Edit Remix)
Britney Spears- Toxic / Me against the music
Britney Spears- Me against the music feat. Madonna (LP Version / Video Mix + Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix)
Britney Spears- Everytime / Everytime ( Hi Bias Radio Remix )
Sting- Stolen car (Take me dancing) Remixes
Sting- Send your love  (Radio Edit feat. Vicente Amigo + Dave Aude Remix)
Texas- Carnival girl / Carnival girl ( kardinal offishall remix)
Travis- The beautiful Occupation / Enemy
Shania Twain- Party for two ( Pop version feat. Mark McGrath + Country version feat. Billy Currington )
Shania Twain- Forever and for atways / Ka-Ching
U2- Vertigo / Are you gonna wait forever?
U2- Sometimes you can't make it on your own / Fast Cars - Jacknife Lee Mix
U2- City of Blinding Lights ( Radio Edit) + Out of  Control ( Live at Brooklyn Bridge 2004)
Paul van Dyk / Peter Heppner- Wir sind wir  ( Radio Edit + PvD Club Mix )
Paul van Dyk featuring Vega 4- Time of our lives / Connected (Motomix_05)
Vanilla Ninja- Blue Tattoo ( Radio Edit + Unplugged )

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